Bistro Toni

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Bistro Toni

Bar, Bistro & Restaurant

About us

We have been making you fall in love with our food for more than 20 years. Our blend of family tradition, beautiful moments, and passion for what we do, is what makes us different. Feel welcome, connect with food, come with your love, family, friends, and pets. Book a place for your special moments on our terrace or indoors. No matter if u want to enjoy your favorite meal , or try something new, we want you to join us in this adventure, because, people who love food are our favorites.


Island’s Krk Ham and Olives 100g

Homemade Cheese Platter With Nuts And Dried Fruits

Marinated Seafood Plate

Octopus Salad

Caprese Salad

Greek Salad

Shrimps and Walnuts Salad

Tunfish Salad

Caesar salad



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